A Win-Win-Win

Win-win isn’t quite good enough for Dr. Stewart Fordham (’70 M.D.). Instead, he’s using a planned giving strategy that he believes is a win-win-win. Here’s how: first, by securing a loved one’s financial future with lifetime income; second, by providing him with valuable tax savings; and third by providing support to the College of Medicine

“I always hoped to give back to this University that I’m so fond of, but when I finally had the resources I didn’t know how to go about it,” says Dr. Fordham. “Discovering through my accountant that I could offer support to UIC down…

Establishing the John T. Koss Scholarships

John Koss ’74 BA established a bequest in his will to create the John T. Koss scholarships

John Koss ’74 BA found his UIC experience equally eye opening and liberating. His complete immersion in Chicago’s near west side neighborhoods, cultures and customs was exciting, as were his dealings with dedicated professors and their contagious appreciation for learning.

“I come from a working class family which presented limited college options for me, so I recognize UIC was an important opportunity,” says Koss….

$1M Gift from Foglia Foundation to Update Pharmacy Lab

The current compounding lab is unchanged since the pharmacy building was built in 1953

A $1 million donation to the College of Pharmacy will turn its old compound laboratory into something new.

The Foglia Family Foundation provided the gift to renovate the college’s aging laboratory, where students learn how to develop and test combinations of active pharmaceuticals and delivery systems for new formulations so that the ingredients are effective, stable, easy to use and acceptable…

Public Health receives a $1.4M Legacy Gift from Former Professor

The University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health has received a $1.4 million gift from the estate of Dr. Paul Levy and his wife, Virginia F. Tomasek. Levy was a founding member of the school and the first and longest-serving director of its division of epidemiology and biostatistics, a position he held for 15 years.

Paul Levy, professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, School of Public…

Giving at the Intersection of Art and Science

Your idea of a museum is likely much different from Mike Doyle’s idea of a museum. The exhibits for the National Museum of Health + Medicine he’s building in Chicago (NMHM Chicago) is on-demand and entirely virtual. Meaning, grade- and medical-school students can visit the museum simultaneously and see entirely different content. As a UIC alumnus and former faculty member, Doyle realized a system based on the data and technology the museum relied upon would benefit UIC students as well. So, he donated it.

“We had developed really cool technologies, including an interactive atlas of anatomy, to deploy…

2014 #GivingTuesday Quadruples 2013 Results

#GivingTuesday is all about the power of bringing people together to make big things happen. Thanks to your generosity, #GivingTuesday 2014 at UIC surpassed all of our expectations.

We wanted to foster a community of philanthropy by increasing our number of donors participating in #GivingTuesday at UIC. Thanks to you, we quadrupled our number from last year! We also wanted to top total dollars raised, and with your help we did that too—and gifts are still coming in!

Best of all, we developed a community of alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students whose generosity says it loud and clear: “We’re there…

Annual Funds at the Race Track

UIC Motorsports team members are, surprisingly, not just interested in speed. This group of undergraduates, who share a passion for cars and build them from the ground up, is focused on impeccable design, cost efficiency, flawless manufacturing and honed leadership skills.

With all the perseverance and precision they invested in each car, the team found itself in need of a trailer to protect its cars on the road. The new, 24-foot cargo trailer it now uses was funded by the College of Engineering annual fund, to which friends and alumni of the college donate.

“Our organization allows us to expand our…

Do Something Heroic for UIC

On December 2, the UIC community has the opportunity to do something heroic for our university by giving back. Students, staff and faculty will be encouraged to make donations in the spirit of the power of collective giving: it doesn’t take big gifts to make a difference; lots of people making small gifts can be just as powerful. It’s part of a growing national trend known as #GivingTuesday.

Some backstory: the holiday shopping season kicks off immediately after Thanksgiving with a 24-hour buying blitz known as Black Friday. Not to be outdone, the internet dishes up deals during…

One Nurse Making a Difference

For Laurel Owen ’80 BSN, people are the joy and delight in being human. She values her interactions with others as the real gifts in life. As a mental health nurse she sees helping those in distress, whose illnesses keep them from those joys and delights, as somewhat sacred work. To answer the need she anticipates will grow for advanced care in her field, she’s working toward endowing the Owen Graduate Nursing Scholarship Fund at UIC.

A Strong Will to Support College of Medicine

Before attending the College of Medicine, Dr. Margaret Real wrote to the dean asking if it made sense for her to apply. The dean responded enthusiastically, encouraging her to do so, and adding that she shouldn’t waste any more time.

Dr. Margaret Real graduated from the College of Medicine at Chicago among nine women in a class of 200

She was 30 years old then. She earned her MD in 1965 among nine women in a class of 200….